Welcome to the HackMe Challenge 2020 !

HackMe Challenge 2020

What is it:
A website with a number of pages that are sometimes not directly linked to each other. Through solving riddles, the URL (Internet address) of the next page has to be determined.

What is the target audience:
Everyone who love puzzles. Granted, a little knowledge of networking, HTML (the language in which web pages are constructed)  and web browsers included. Think logically and...important: don't give up.

What is the purpose:
Understanding the way that Internet and websites are built. This might be useful:

- When you have to decide if an email is really from your bank or a so-called Phisher (a scammer);
- If you want to know who else is 'looking over your shoulder' when you visit a website;
- etc

Also you are playfully introduced to various technical issues such as:
-(Java) script;
-EXIF information in images;
-Source code of web pages;

Don't be frightened, you'll see it will be fun. Think out of the box and let your imagination go wild.


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